Great Chapters Are Built From Great Recruitment

Recruitment Chairmen

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Thomas Bockhorst

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Blake Anderson

Becoming a Member

The future of our fraternity is determined by the quality of men we recruit each year. The success of our fraternity on campus is a by-product of the level of excellence we uphold in our chapter and brothers. Our chapter takes great pride in recruitment and puts forth a tireless effort to initiate the best men at Clemson University. Our recruitment process consists of four main steps: 1) Rush, 2) Bidding, 3) Pledging, and 4) Initiation. The rush period lasts from early Spring up to IFC Formal Recruitment in September. The chapter holds various recruitment events over the summer and beginning of the semester to introduce PNMs to the fraternity, chapter, and brothers. During this time the chapter evaluates Potential New Members (PNMs) to determine if they are a good fit for our chapter and if our chapter is a good fit for them.

Recruitment chairmen and brothers will reach out to identified PNMs and invite them to recruitment events. If you would like to be considered, please fill out the PNM Profile and contact one of our recruitment chairmen.

What Do We Look For During Recruitment?

Friendship. Knowledge. Service. Morality. Excellence.

Our chapter recruits men not merely looking for a better social life, but earnestly seeking to improve themselves. We seek to recruit men who show a certain set of attributes, but especially those who are hardworking, committed, academically responsible, socially well-rounded, and respected among others. Our brothers are held to a high standard and we look to continue our pursuit of excellence by extending bids to men who are committed to those standards.

Questions About The New Member Process?

PNM Profile

Interested in our chapter? Submit your Potential New Member Profile here.

IFC Recruitment

IFC formal recruitment registration will begin in January 2020.

General Recruitment Schedule

Summer Recruitment Events (May-August)

During the summer months the chapter continues to build its Potential New Member list. Brothers will host recruitment events in cities across the country for incoming and current Clemson students interested in the chapter. Contact a recruitment chairman if you are interested in attending these events.


​As students return to Clemson, the chapter will host a wide variety of recruitment events on and off campus. Contact a recruitment chairman if you are interested in attending these recruitment events.

IFC Formal Recruitment: Smokers

​This event allows potential new members to visit with the chapter brothers on Bowman Field with food & music.

IFC Formal Recruitment: First Round Invitational 

​The chapter will extend invitations to potential new members for the first round dinner at pre-determined location.

IFC Formal Recruitment: Final Round Invitational 

​The chapter will extend bids to potential new members to attend a final round dinner.

IFC Formal Recruitment: Bid Day

Potential New Members receive their bids from the Fraternity & Sorority Life Office. PNMs will submit and accept their bid to the fraternity.

Open Bid Period

The chapter has the option to extend an open bid to any potential new member.