NAME: Phi Gamma Delta

NICKNAME: Fiji or Phi Gam

FOUNDING DATE: May 1, 1848 at Jefferson College, Canonsburg, PA


RECHARTERING DATE: March 11th, 2017


The Chi Alpha Chapter and Internaitonal Headquarters provide a wide range of leadership opportunities. Whether it's an chapter officer, IFC officer, committee chairman, or other Greek organization position, Phi Gamma Delta will be the foundation for leadership development.

The Fraternity encourages and enhances academic performance through tutoring and study skills education. Our chapter consistently surpass the All-Men’s and All-Fraternity averages.

The Fraternity’s Educational Foundation offers over $340,000 in scholarships, which members can apply for right away. All men who achieve a 3.2 or better during their pledge semester will receive $250.

Phi Gamma Delta strives to be competitive in intramural sports. We play to win.

Graduate brothers offer real-world education in a variety of career fields some will offer internships and employment networking.

The Fraternity places a strong emphasis on serving others. Philanthropic projects are a major focus of activity for Phi Gamma Delta. Phi Gamma Delta’s International Philanthropy is USO.

The Chi Alpha Chapter has both on-campus and off-campus housing for its members. All freshman are expected to move on to the Quad Spot on Donaldson Hall following their first year of membership. Remaining sophomore and juniors usually live in the off-campus housing.

The chapter releases three newsletters per year - Spring, Summer, and Fall. In addition, the International Headquarters distributes the semi-annual magazine entitled “The Phi Gamma Delta” to brothers to update them on the activities of the Fraternity on an International scale.

Every January, brothers from all over North America gather for a three-day leadership academy to learn leadership skills, discuss chapter development, and share their best practices. Every January, our Fiji Leadership Academy is held in St. Louis, Missouri.

Every other even-numbered year, Phi Gamma Delta hosts its Ekklesia where undergraduate members conduct the business of the Fraternity. The Ekklesia is held in various locations where strong graduate support can lend assistance in planning.

No matter where you go, Phi Gamma Delta has chapters across the U.S. and Canada. You will enjoy the advantages of brotherhood throughout your lifetime. Phi Gamma Delta is truly “Not For College Days Alone.”


  • There is no hazing allowed in Phi Gamma Delta at any time, for pledges or brothers.

  • The education program consists of an 8-week process of learning Fraternity history, chapter operation and personal development. Meetings are held weekly and are taught by chapter leaders, advisors, and guest speakers.

  • Pledges learn from the “Purple Pilgrim,” our source for the Fraternity’s history, characteristics and values.

  • A retreat is held on a weekend within the first month of pledging to chart the course for the future.

  • Pledges are required to achieve a 2.7 cumulative GPA in order to be initiated, although 3.0 or greater is preferred to pledge. We intend to have the highest academic rank among all campus organizations.


Pledge Fee (one-time fee) – due at time of pledging

Initiation Fee (one-time fee) – due at time of initiation. Includes cost of fraternity badge, membership certificate, opportunities for educational scholarships and grants, and membership dues for the first year.

Liability Insurance - per year. Provides comprehensive liability coverage for members involved in chapter activities.


Membership Dues – per year. Covers various services from the International Headquarters For new pledges, this fee is due after initiation. 

Chapter Dues – decided by the chapter members (amount varies). Used to cover all major operating expenses such as social events, supplies, pledge education materials, recruitment events, graduate events, publications, etc.

If you have specific questions about financial budgeting, please contact the chapter president.


Charlie Richards

Corresponding Secretary

Ian Hacek

Co-Recruitment Chairman

Will Covington

‭+1 (678) 654-6462

Co-Recruitment Chairman

Mike Clark

‭(864) 680-0454‬

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